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About RoadShow


A new chapter of RoadShow starting on 1 July 2017 as our new integrated marketing solutions company, 888 LAB has been set up.
Leverage on our leading advertising network in Hong Kong, 888 LAB provides integrated marketing solutions for advertisers to connect with customers effectively.
From creative solutions to branded marketing content, event management, concert & entertainment, digital marketing solutions, PR & Promotion, CSR & sustainability campaign, social listening and crisis management, 888 LAB develops innovative ideas with truthful human insights that help to make every intercept to customers a powerful and impactful one.
On 1 July 2017, we accelerated the development with the gradual roll-out of a new
Bus-SHELTER network. Eventually covering some 387 developed and 1,993 undeveloped bus shelters, the new arrangement will see us establish ourselves and our channels as a ‘Win-Win’ choice for brands wishing to more effectively engage target consumers and get closer to communities all over Hong Kong.
In moving forwards, the Group is already seamlessly integrating Bus-SHELTER with hugely cost-effective existing RoadShow media platforms such as Bus-BODY and
Bus-INTERIOR vehicle exteriors and interiors. In optimizing synergies with conventional media, we can now/will soon be able to leverage a fleet of over 3,800 buses as well as digital and mobile platforms such as www.roadshow.hk. When it comes to satisfying the extraordinarily diverse needs of clients, no specialist integrated media provider in Hong Kong offers advertisers and agencies more top-quality OOH advertising and Integrated Marketing Solutions across more advertising platforms than RoadShow!


HK2gather continued to add to its huge popularity with local users and business leaders by earning a coveted Gold Award for “Best App”at the 2015 MOB-EX Awards’ in the fiercely competitive Lifestyle & Entertainment category.  This highly prestigious accolade remains a benchmark for user-friendly app interfaces that serve as gateways to must-have lifestyle and entertainment updates.
The year also saw the measurable enhancement and expansion of the company’s merchandizing business following the launch of an innovative new E-Commerce shop2gather.com platform that brought it even closer to its core customers.
RoadShow’s sustained success in the creation of top quality integrated marketing services and  content for TV programmes was acknowledged with prestigious Spark Award Bronze medals for “Best Use of Integration” and “Best Media Campaign – TV”.
BUS-TV built on the success of its hard hitting “Beyond 16 ºC” and “16 ºC Count Down” parts 1 to 3 by broadcasting a show called “The Critical 18 years”. The ultimate aim was to get Hongkongers discussing the likely impact of climate change phenomena such as heatwaves, global food shortages, super typhoons and rain, snow and fog storms to bear appeared in 2033.


In pioneering a ground breaking new HK2gather app, RoadShow further strengthened its already very effective integration of online and mobile platforms.
The year also saw the company join forces with six other leading entertainment bodies to organize local musical legend Priscilla Chan’s eagerly awaited series of 3 “BACK to PRISCILLA 30th Anniversary” mega gigs at the HK Coliseum.
RoadShow also organized a diverse range of corporate social responsibility initiatives including its uniquely engaging “Project PC needy reboot”.
The company’s market-leading ad space portfolio was boosted with the addition of prime sites at Aberdeen Tunnel and Hip Kee Godown Nos 1& 2.


RoadShow commenced its landmark role as sole advertising agent for the Star Ferry’s high-profile outdoor pier and ferry panels. 2013 also marked the beginning of co-operation with Route 3 (CPS) Co. Ltd. in the marketing and advertising of various premium billboard spaces.
The launch of the roadshow.hk portal, further bolstered RoadShow’s status as one of  Hong Kong’s top integrated platforms.
To celebrate the Territory’s successful transformation from Asia’s World City to a universe of limitless opportunities, the company rolled out a flagship 128-episode BUS-TV financial information programme called “Go Beyond Hong Kong”. In consolidating and building upon the Territory’s global status, the programme also featured in-depth perspectives on money-making opportunities in 18 cities across seven countries. In addition to Japan and Singapore, regional hubs covered included Kashgar City in PRC, South Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia. 


RoadShow proudly unveiled 10 Music Buses whose enhanced bus audio platforms not only made passengers’ journeys more pleasant but also offered advertisers with an easier and even more effective way of reaching them.
The company began what has proved to be a very successful involvement in Hong Kong’s billboard business when it was commissioned to serve as the Government Property Agency’s exclusive media representative for outdoor billboards at Hung Hing Road, Causeway Bay.
RoadShow inaugurated its “Eco Star Awards” to encourage Hongkongers to demonstrate their support for sustainable environmental protection measures.

Received the “10 Consecutive Years Caring Company Logo” in recognition of its sustainable commitment in the aspects of Caring for the Community, Caring for the Employees and Caring for the Environment over the past 10 years. 

CSR campaign will continue throughout 2012, for which a series of charity events will be organised for needy people in “5 Districts” in Hong Kong. The beneficiaries include the elderly in Kowloon East; primary school students in Kowloon West, disabilities in New Territories East, hospital patients in Hong Kong Island and youngsters in New Territories West. 


To mark our 10th Anniversary, we partnered with Agency for Volunteer Service to organise a sustainable community care initiative called “Our Hearts as One” on 5 November 2011 at Sky 100, a series of social welfare programmes will be launched to give back to the community.


RoadShow began enhancing its media platform by installing new BUS-TV systems with 3G transmission capabilities. These systems with 3G transmission capabilities enabled the broadcasting of timely news and other valuable information.



BUS-BODY was launched when KMB granted RoadShow a bus exterior advertising licence agreement covering exclusive rights to market, display and maintain advertisements on its transit vehicles exterior spaces.



IN-BUS was inaugurated in February, RoadShow obtained an exclusive licence from KMB for the soliciting of advertising for the interior advertising spaces of all KMB transit vehicles.



The end of 2008, the Group began installing new TV monitors in buses to improve display quality and the overall impact of the medium.



Over 4,700 buses have been equipped with MMOB system and a total of about 20,000 LCD monitors, reaching 3.6 million audience everyday.



RoadShow equipped MMOB systems on additional buses to total 4,000 transit vehicles with 16,000 LCD monitors, reaching 3 million audience daily.


RoadShow received the Championship Award in the 15th (2003) Hong Kong Printing Awards in the Annual Report category.

For the third consecutive year, RoadShow was selected as one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises by Yazhou Zhoukan news magazine.



RoadShow listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. 


RoadShow and Samsung Electronics completed the world’s largest MMOB project to equip 2,400 buses with 9,600 LCD monitors.

The Group was granted an exclusive licence by KMB to conduct media sales agency business on selected bus shelters on KMB routes.




RoadShow commenced the MMOB business with audio visual programmes on KMB buses.