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About RoadShow
Our Business
Our Business

The Group's core business is the selling and marketing of its Bus-BODY, Bus-INTERIOR, Bus-SHELTER advertising spaces in Hong Kong and offering value added media sales, products and services at competitive prices. Our media platforms reach a unique and diversified audience and increase the sales revenue of advertisers through effective advertising medium.

Leverage on our leading advertising network in Hong Kong, 888 LAB provides integrated marketing solutions for advertisers to connect with customers effectively.
From creative solutions to branded marketing content, event management, concert & entertainment, digital marketing solutions, PR & Promotion, CSR & sustainability campaign, social listening and crisis management, 888 LAB develops innovative ideas with truthful human insights that help to make every intercept to customers a powerful and impactful one.

Through a network of transit vehicle advertising, the RoadShow transit network advertising platform delivers your marketing messages through exterior bus panels and interior bus panels. These powerful platforms provide a mass area coverage that reaches every walk of life in the city of 7 million people in Hong Kong.

Reaching fully 80% of Hongkongers, Bus-SHELTER delivers the highest penetration of any local media of its kind. Its unrivalled community connections also guarantee optimum value for advertisers and agencies wishing to reach one of the Territory’s largest and most lucrative out-of-home (OOH) audiences.

RoadShow is a diversified out-of-home media provider, currently operating billboards in Hong Kong.

roadshow.hk is a content-rich portal that targets internet users across every age group, the most active of whom are aged between 18 and 44. The wealth of hot topics on offer include “Dining on the Road”, “Playing on the Road”, “Shopping on the Road”, “Living on the Road” and “Sharing on the Road”. A genuinely top-notch browsing experience, the portal is an ideal open platform for self-made content and videos that interact with savvy local netizens. The channel’s Facebook videos, for example, almost invariably always deliver unprecedented numbers of page views in their sectors.