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RoadShow is a diversified out-of-home media provider, currently operating billboards in Hong Kong and the Mainland.


Hip Kee Godown Billboards
Strategically situated, The Hip Kee Godown No.2 Billboards face directly towards the Cross Harbour Tunnel’s (CHT’s) constantly bustling Kowloon exit, capture traffic on both lanes. The Hip Kee Godown Billboards are the ideal gateway to grab the eyes of the millions of people monthly  who cross the harbour regularly.



Aberdeen Tunnel Billboards
As the key road route to and from many top attractions including Ocean Park, Stanley, Repulse Bay and Aberdeen Marina, the Aberdeen Tunnel has always been thronged with the Territory’s leisure lovers, tourists and families on weekends and holidays, with an average monthly traffic of over 1,900,000. As a result, its highly visible billboards are a must for clients targeting these potential big spenders.



Cheong Wan Road Billboard
Located next to the HK Coliseum at the TST end of the Cross Harbour Tunnel (CHT), Cheong Wan Road Billboard guarantees advertisers high-level visibility amongst drivers and passengers that now use Hong Chong Road.


For enquiries, you may contact us in the following ways:
Tel :(852) 2746 8777
Fax:(852) 2741 6238