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Leverage Unrivalled Reach and Frequency

  • No other local public transport system offers such a wide – reaching network
  • 18 hours per-day penetration in all four corners of HK

HK’s Biggest Outdoor Moving Billboard!

  • Our eye-catching “Moving Billboard” are permanent sights on HK’s busiest streets
  • Fully 12m x 4m in size, they cannot be missed by motorists or pedestrians

HK’s Most Widely Seen Outdoor Ads!

  • Bus-BODY ads are officially HK’s most widely seen media – Fully 80% of local survey respondents said they had seen a Bus-BODY ad in the past month.

Source: 2014 Nielsen Media Index

Biggest Share of HK’s Bus Fleet Network!

  • KMB + Long Win Bus = 69%

Source: Monthly Traffic and Transport Digest 2016, Transport Department


For enquiries, you may contact us in the following ways:
Tel: (852) 2746 8777
Fax: (852) 2741 6238

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